You’ll Be Astonished at How Many HIDDEN Interests are in the Facebook™ Ads Tool…

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Easy To Use

1-click and the plugin shows up. Another click and it goes away. Easy access when you need it.

Facebook™ Approved

Has been granted coveted Facebook™ Ads API access. The tool only returns results you can ACTUALLY advertise to. (Ads API access gives you the same results you get when typing in Interests when advertising. This tool puts that on steroids to ferret out all the relevant Interests).

Works In Several Places on Facebook™

Works in Ads Manager, Power Editor, Business, and Audience Insights.

What People Are Saying…

Don’t just take it from us, let some people who’ve used it do the talking!

“What this thing does is let you drill down and find targeting specifics that you would have spent hours, literally HOURS, going through trying to find and it happens all in a matter of minutes. It’s VERY, very cool. Anybody who knows me knows I’m not very technical at all. I don’t have the patience for it. This is a very cool tool. It’s really saved me a TON of time…” jvZooLogo

Bryan Zimmerman


“Wow, dude! just checked out the video. I did know about the first level, never took it to the 2nd level! You got something really unique here. Yup – I dig. Clean and simple.”


Ryan Skelly

Co-Owner, Titans of Marketing (formerly Area 51 FB Ads)

“We’ve sold a couple hundred thousand t-shirts on TeeSpring™.

The thing he gave us really helped our company. We’ve streamlined our processes. We’ve been able to put out more shirts to a more targeted audience.

It allows you find all those micro-niches that you wouldn’t otherwise find.

You’ve really helped us out a lot.

You gotta get it!”


Kris Dehnert

CEO & Founder, Chasing Trends


I knew about the abc technique but this is awesome! this is wayyy to cool!!”

Giancarlo Chasing

Owner, Runs a Social Media Agency in Dominican Republic

“About 90% of my traffic comes from Facebook™. I run T-shirts, Clickbank™, and have started running traffic for other people as well.

The Hidden Interests Tool has just been amazing. I used to use other tools that just use Graph Search. It did take a little while for me to do that and then some of those wouldn’t end up being Interests.

All I need to do is just have a keyword. I’ll type in and it’ll give me all the Interests in that niche.

This tool is like a gift. I can usually do this whole process in like 5 minutes.

My ROI using this tool is like 400-600% using this tool.”

Mike Nelson

Owner & Boss

How It Works & Why You’ll Love It…

Step 1: Type in your keyword

Type in Your Root Keyword

Step 2: Press the Spacebar and then at the first letter of the alphabet
(notice the different results than above…)

Keyword a

Step 3: Type in the second letter of the alphabet
(Notice how there are no result. PAY ATTENTION: Remember this. I’ll show you a trick in a minute…)

Root b

Step 4: Go through each letter in the alphabet one by one and click the results that are relevant to you and add them to the Interests field.
(Notice how each screen returns different results)

Root C
Root d
Root e
Root f
Root g

You get the idea. 

It works so well because no one will take the time to do all that. (Except me). A lot of those Interests may have never been advertised to and are very responsive.

Imagine how many Interests you’ve been missing this whole time…..

There’s an Easy Way and a Hard Way, Right?

Click the Icon to activate

Type In Your Keyword

type in root keyword
Type in your keyword and stand back
Scrollbar to see results
Audience size

Click any result and it opens in a new window so you can see the page you’d be advertising to

Click the result to see FB
FB result

Make the selections you want and then press the ‘Copy’ button

Press the copy button

Look at all those hidden Interests!!!

all hidden interests
but wait

Now Let’s Learn the Double Alphabet Technique

Type in A then type in the first letter of the alphabet a
(continue doing this one by one for each letter of the alphabet…)


Remember the letter B from above? 

It had NO RESULT and I said I’d show you a trick…

Let’s see if we can find a few results hidden behind the letter B


Now imagine we did that for each and every letter of the alphabet…

How many Interests have you missed all this time…


Do you have any successful campaigns in the past that you’re not running right now?

What if you used this tool and advertised to all the hidden Interests you missed before…

How much money do you think you’d make?

level 2 a click away

A Level 2 Search is only a click away…

Frequently Asked Questions

Will This Work On Mac or PC?

This is a Chrome plugin so it’ll work if you have Chrome installed on your Mac, PC, or Linux machine.

If you don’t have Chrome, it’s free and can be downloaded here.

Will This Get Me Banned in Facebook™?


This has been specifically approved by Facebook™. They are very protective about their Ads API access and it was a looonng process to get through it. I can happily say I got through, have access to the Ads API, and they have given me the go ahead on rolling this out to you.

What's the Big Deal with Ads API Anyway?

Facebook™ makes their money from ads so they can let every tom, dick, & harry have access to the Ads API. That would welcome the spammers and nefarious types who would exploit the money well for Facebook™.

Other tools use use the Open Graph API, which is free and anyone can get it, but the results returned from Open Graph don’t always translate to Interests that you can actually advertise to.

What good is a tool that finds a bunch of results and then you paste them into the Ads Interests screen and they all disappear.

Our tool scans the API systematically and finds all the Interests that you can actually run ads to.

How Much Does This Cost?

Level 1 costs $10 big cash dollars.

Level 2 is free. All you have to do is share it with 3 people and you automatically unlock it.

Can I Just Buy Level 2 Access?

Sure. Send me a video testimonial and I’ll upgrade you by hand.

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